Art for Autism

CREATE Arts Center has developed a new arts program specifically designed for children and adolescents with Autism or Autistic features. Using a variety of art materials, the art activity is used as an opportunity to develop relationships between the child, the therapist, and group members. We find that children find comfort in repetitive activities and will allow the student many sessions with the same material, introducing slight variations, and eventually, together, we will choose other projects.

We offer short and long term programs for children, teens & adults in individual or group sessions. Goals of the group are:

  • Increase interaction with therapist and others
  • Increase range of interests and activities
  • Build concept of self
  • Build independence
  • Build confidence
  • Create sense of responsibility
  • Improve memory by carrying over from home and school to the session and from session to session

Change comes slowly, so patience and support from the adult caretaker is crucial. Regularly scheduled conferences are offered.