The smARTkids program is CREATE’s after school art program for at-risk youth. In 1 – 1.5 hour classes, we offer an in-depth arts program aimed at students determined to be at risk and selected by the school based on their academic needs and their interest in participating in an after school arts club. These classes are offered once a week for up to three semesters, and take place at the school itself. At the end of each semester, each group holds an art show to celebrate their accomplishments and hard work with their families, teachers and friends.

The smARTkids program aims to increase self-esteem, academic performance and social skills of upper elementary and middle school students who have been determined to be at risk. It enriches the students’ afterschool experience, contributes to developing focus and concentration, and has been successful in improving the children’s attitude towards self, school, and learning by giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride through the completion of art projects, and being a valued member of a group.

smARTkids began in one school with just 8 students in 2005. Now in its ninth year,  smARTkids has expanded to four schools and 150 students.

For more information, call us at 301-588-2787 or send us an email.